Gold, Guns and Goons

GOLD: The people have a limited choice such as for the presidency.

Declared net worth of selected presidential candidates:

  • P1.05 billion – Manuel Villar, Jr.
  • P232.43 million – Gilbert Teodoro, Jr.
  • P35.86 million – Joseph Estrada
  • P25.62 million – Richard Gordon
  • P13.94 million – Benigno Aquino, III

* Based on latest available SALN as reported by PCIJ, 7 Feb 2010.

Estimated campaign budets:

  • P2-6 billion – president
  • P200-600 million – senator
  • P15-100 million – congressman

Total TV, radio and print advertising value of selected presidential candidates from Nov 2009 to January 2010 (three months before campaign period):

  • P1,024.2 million – Manuel Villar, Jr.
  • P407.4 million – Gilbert Teodoro, Jr.
  • P268.8 million – Benigno Aquino, III
  • P244.6 million – Richard Gordon
  • P90.1 million – Eddie Villanueva
  • P84.3 million – Joseph Estrada

* Ad value estimates from Nielsen Media as reported by PCIJ, 16 Feb 2010. Actual ad spending may be at a 30-40% discount.

P10 – presidential candidate’s maximum allowed campaign spending per voter (i.e., P507.2 million given 50.7 million registered voters)

P5 – political party’s maximum allowed campaign spending per voter (i.e., P253.6 million)

As of 2009:

  • P82,400 – basic monthly salary of president
  • P77,637 – highest basic monthly salary of vice-president
  • P67,898 – highest basic monthly salary of a senator
  • P67,898 – highest basic monthly salary of a congressman

Urban Militarization

Military units including the 103rd and 27th Battalions of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are currently deployed in various urban-poor areas of Metro Manila such as BASECO, Dagat-dagatan and PNR Site.

Clad in full-battle gear, soldiers are known to ask the residents regarding the wherabouts of  progressive Party-list leaders and supporters.

Private Armies

Election-related killings: 1986 (153 deaths), 1988 (188), 1992 (89), 1995 (108), 1998 (77), 2001 (111), 2004 (189), 2007 (121), 2010 (89, reported by PIPVTR as of mid-March) (PNP, PIPVTR)
57 people killed in Ampatuan massacre in November 2009
132 – private armies with a combined strength of 10,000 armed men

1.2 million – unlicensed guns in circulation across the country

* PNP estimates

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