Nationalist Economic Policies

Will you work for national industrialization? Will you reverse policies of liberalization, privatization and deregulation?  Will you keep economic protectionist measures, restrictions on foreign ownership of land in the Philippine Constitution?


The share of manufacturing in the economy has fallen to 21.8% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2009 which is even lower than its 24.8% share in 1960, half a century ago (NSCB)

  • 60-75% of total manufacturing sales in the Top 1000 corporations in the country in the last five years have been accounted for by foreign transnational corporations (Business World)
  • The price of diesel is 175% higher than nine years ago (from P13.82 per liter in January 2001 to P37.82 in January 2010) and of gasoline 170% higher (from P16.56 to P44.69).(IBON monitoring)


Benigno “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino Jr.

Liberal Party

  • Platform is silent on manufacturing and industrial development.
  • As senator, voted ‘no’ to the controversial JPEPA saying he believed that Filipinos deserved a better-negotiated and mutually beneficial treaty.
  • Says that he will form a group to review possible changes to the charter including to the restrictions on foreign investment.
  • As representative, voted no to the EPIRA law in 2001. Looked into EPIRA and TRANSCO amendments, and questioned gov’t selling such revenue-generating assets.


John Carlos “JC” Gordon Delos Reyes

Ang Kapatiran Party

  • Criticizes globalization for being disadvantageous to small and medium Filipino enterprises who cannot compete with cheap foreign goods supported or subsidized by their governments, which causes local jobs and opportunities to be lost.
  • Will promote ‘industrialization’ by encouraging “useful industries [including] telecommunications and information technology”.
  • Generally against foreign ownership of land but open to exploring “limited ownership” of land by foreigners.


Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada

Partido ng Masang Pilipino

  • As president, his ‘Angat Pinoy’ development program continued the same foreign investment-biased Medium-Term Philippine Development Plans (MTPDP) of previous administrations.
  • Campaigned for charter change through Concord, and favored lifting restrictions on foreign investment and granting 100% foreign ownership of land.


Richard Juico “Dick” Gordon

Bagumbayan-Volunteers for a New Philippines (B.BAYAN-VNP)

  • Favors charter change according to Constitutional means.
  • As Olongapo mayor, converted former Subic Naval base into an economic zone attracting foreign and local investments.


Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal-Valade


  • Advocates genuine, pro-Filipino industrialization and a nationalist economy, including Filipino-controlled manufacturing
  • As senator, voted against the JPEPA and supported the campaign against its ratification.
  • Will reverse “free market” policies imposed by the IMF, WB, WTO and ADB and replace them with the pro-Filipino policies and against  removing nationalistic economic provisions in the Constitution.
  • Filed bills to repeal the Oil Deregulation Law as well as recover ownership of Petron and Malampaya.


Nicanor Jesus “Nicky” Pineda Perlas III


  • Says that trade liberalization will be undertaken only in the context of reducing poverty and social justice.
  • Says that a constitutional convention can be convened in 2013 but is opposed to provisions selling out the patrimony of the country including land ownership by foreigners.
  • Believes that the Philippines can enter into principled partnerships with foreign countries for the development of its resources as long as the country’s rights are recognized and respected


Gilberto Eduardo Gerardo ”Gibo” Cojuangco Teodoro, Jr

Lakas ng Tao-Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (LAKAS-KAMPI)

  • Will not reverse neoliberal policies and seeks to attract new foreign investors for the country’s industrial enclaves and freeport zones.
  • Supports charter change and removing the nationalist economic provisions of the Constitution.


Eduardo “Eddie” Cruz Villanueva

Bangon Pilipinas (BP)

  • Vows to review treaties that have adverse effects on the economy such as JPEPA, AFTA, and GATT.
  • Believes that agriculture must be vigorously protected from unfair global trade.
  • Wants to stop oil deregulation and the oligopolistic practices of oil firms
  • Wants to either revise or repeal the EPIRA Law to lower the cost of electricity
  • Economic program focuses on encouraging small and  medium enterprises.


Manuel “Manny” Bamba Villar Jr.

Nacionalista Party

  • Says that a viable manufacturing sector is key to economic growth.
  • Says that the policy of liberalization and blind adherence to globalization must be reviewed. However, as senator, voted ‘yes’ to JPEPA.
  • Favors charter change although says that the economic provisions in the current charter do not hinder economic growth. Says foreign firms  can have access to land through a lease system.
  • Says that oil industry remains an oligopoly and called for a review of oil deregulation in 2004.
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