Will you work to establish the truth behind the “Hello, Garci”, NBN-ZTE scam, fertilizer scam and other anomalies by way of independent and highly credible bodies?  Will you pave the way for the prosecution of Mrs. Arroyo, her relatives, her close allies and other government officials who have been involved in large-scale graft and corruption, electoral fraud and their cover-up?


P20.9 billion (US$430 million) – Total amount of kickbacks, ill-gotten wealth and payoffs involved in just 16 major corruption cases. (Pagbabago! Research Working Group):

  1. IMPSA power scam (US$470 million project; US$14 million kickback)
  2. PIATCO-NAIA Terminal 3 scam (US$425 million project; US$20-70 million kickback)
  3. Jose Pidal accounts (P300-400 million in ill-gotten wealth)
  4. Fertilizer funds scam (P728 million for presidential election campaign)
  5. NorthRail scam (US$503 million project; US$50 million kickback)
  6. Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard scam (P1.1 billion project; P533 million kickback)
  7. Quedancor swine scam (P2.5 billion program; P900 million for presidential election campaign)
  8. Irrigation fund scam (P3.1 billion missing)
  9. Mega-Pacific poll automation scam (P1.3 billion project; P500 million kickback)
  10. NBN-ZTE scam (US$330 million project; US$130 million kickback)
  11. Cybereducation project (P27 billion)
  12. Military comptrollers scandal (P71 million in ill-gotten wealth)
  13. “Euro General” scandal (P7 million in ill-gotten wealth)
  14. Jueteng payoffs (P500,000 to P1 million monthly)
  15. PEACE Bonds (P1.4 billion broker’s fee)
  16. Mismanaged PAGCOR/GSIS funds (hundreds of millions of pesos)

“Hello Garci?… So I will still lead by more than one M (million), overall?”


Benigno “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino Jr.

Liberal Party

  • Vows to prosecute Pres. Arroyo for her involvement in corruption, and proposes to create a commission to investigate the scandals surrounding her administration.
  • In 2005, before the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) revoked the stock distribution option (SDO) in Hacienda Luisita, voted against playing the ‘Garci tapes’ and lauded Pres. Arroyo for her “I am sorry” speech.
  • As senator, participated in hearings investigating a number of reported scandals involving the alleged misuse of public funds.
  • Being questioned for the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) passing through Hacienda Luisita which is allegedly overpriced and said to have benefited the Aquino family.


John Carlos “JC” Gordon Delos Reyes

Ang Kapatiran Party

  • Says Pres. Arroyo should be investigated for scandals during her presidential term including “the NBN-ZTE broadband scandal, extra-judicial killings, and the road users tax scam”, that his presidency will make sure that evidence collated is strong, and that Pres. Arroyo will be given due process and the matter left to the courts.
  • Has reportedly filed cases against government officials before the Ombudsman with himself as the complainant.


Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada

Partido ng Masang Pilipino

  • Ousted as president in 2001 in a People Power revolt, after a failed impeachment trial on corruption charges, and subsequently convicted for the capital offense of plunder.
  • Has no clear stand on the prosecution of Pres. Arroyo, although he distanced himself from opposition calls for an Arroyo resignation after he was granted presidential pardon in 2007.


Richard Juico “Dick” Gordon

Bagumbayan-Volunteers for a New Philippines (B.BAYAN-VNP)

  • As chair of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, said that Pres. Arroyo and husband Mike Arroyo along with whistleblowers Jun Lozada and Joey de Venecia must be held accountable for the controversial NBN-ZTE deal.
  • Believes that corruption shoos away investments and suggests that the Ombudsman be made an elective position to be more effective in holding erring officials accountable for their crimes.


Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal-Valade


  • Believes that Pres. Arroyo should face prosecution, saying that large-scale corruption and human rights violations under her term have brought shame to the country.
  • Says that anti-graft and corruption measures should not only focus on the “big fish” but also the punishment of politicians for promoting “free trade” policies that support foreign plunder and economic underdevelopment


Nicanor Jesus “Nicky” Pineda Perlas III


  • Agrees that Pres. Arroyo should be prosecuted for corruption.
  • Vows to remove corruption in all government agencies within his first year in office.
  • Vows to ensure that anti-corruption initiatives converge with policies and programs aimed at eradicating poverty and enhancing the quality of life for all.


Gilberto Eduardo Gerardo ”Gibo” Cojuangco Teodoro, Jr

Lakas ng Tao-Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (LAKAS-KAMPI)

  • Will not involve himself in the prosecution of Pres. Arroyo and will “let the justice system work”  and “focus on moving the country forward instead”.
  • Believes that transparency, giving incentives and improving the standard of living of government officials will help eradicate corruption.


Eduardo “Eddie” Cruz Villanueva

Bangon Pilipinas (BP)

  • Has continuously supported calls for the resignation of Pres. Arroyo for election fraud and corruption
  • Vows to prosecute not only Pres. Arroyo but all the other officials involved in corruption cases, saying that “no one is above the law”.
  • Wants Congress to specify plunder as a heinous crime, empower the Office of the Ombudsman, hold rigorous performance reviews, and institutionalize an undersecretary for Moral Reforms.


Manuel “Manny” Bamba Villar Jr.

Nacionalista Party

  • As House Speaker, transmitted impeachment charges against Pres. Estrada to the Senate in 2001.
  • Says it is important to hold Pres. Arroyo and other high public officials accountable for possible charges of plunder, electoral fraud and the cover-up of these crimes.
  • Believes corruption can end through transparency in public biddings, in the statements of assets and liabilities of officials, and in lifestyle checks.

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